30 June 2007

Trek to Ohio - Medieval Times

Definitely the highlight of the trip, we went to a dinner show called "Medieval Times" in an outskirt of Chicago called Shaumburg. This was definitely a family favorite.

We had to make sure that we made it to Shaumburg to be able to make the 7:30pm show so we were frantically driving to get there in time. When I was convinced that we could make it, I called the place to reserve the tickets while we were driving.

Then we hit the biggest rainstorm on the way and then a bunch of toll roads. We forgot to stock up with change and ended up using it all up. At the last toll road before the hotel exit, we needed $0.60 and were short $0.10. People behind us were honking as we combed the car to find some change in a panic. We thought about just blowing through the toll booth. But Rebekkah had a much better idea. She prayed and a second later Nicole found a dime. It was very cool. Anyway, we made it with a 30 minutes to spare and that even after going to the hotel to check in.

The show was very cool. Nicole and I had been to a similar show at Excalibur in Las Vegas, but this one was much better in my opinion. The food was good and the show was very well done (though, like the Las Vegas show, some of the falls and stunts were so obviously fake). Anyway, the kids really loved it and were very surprised. Here are the pictures...

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