30 June 2007

Trek to Ohio - Chicago

Our next stop was Chicago. We planned on going to the Sears Tower but after looking for parking for 15 minutes and going down to it, they were closed due to high winds. So we immediately turned around to see if we could make it back in 15 minutes to avoid a parking fee. Unfortunately, it took 15 minutes just to get down to the Sears Tower even though we parked right there. So we had to pay $5 in parking just to find out that it was closed. Bummer :-(

Since that was really all we were planning on doing in Chicago (besides driving down Lakeshore Drive), we had to think of something else to do. We saw some signs for the Navy Pier so we decided to go there. We wanted to have Chicago pizza so rather than going to Uno's Pizza like we'd planned, we decided to have pizza in the food court. The pizza was just like any pizza we've had before. Thankfully, there is are several Uno's just outside of Columbus

We roamed around for a bit and Nicole saw someone with an American Girl store bag and asked the lady where it was. The lady said that it was only a few blocks away and that she walked from there. So we were off to a father and son's worst nightmare...to shop for doll clothing with two females in a store filled with females shopping for clothes and accessories for their dolls that look just like them. It was a little freaky. But Rebekkah loved it.

Overall, I hated Chicago because it was a big crazy city with what seemed to be little to do (at least downtown anyway). I hate big cities as it is, but a big city with seemingly little to do or see is even worse. Lake Michigan was amazing and looked like the ocean. We tried to leave at like 3:30pm and got stuck in rush hour traffic. It took us like an hour to get out of the city. I was very glad to get out and do not plan to go back anytime soon.


Bill & Joan said...

Hmm...I wonder which is worse? The arrid, sand blowing winds of Eastern Washington or the cold winds of Chicago? I vote for Washington! :o)

Hoxworths said...

Actually, the winds weren't really cold but were much worse than anything I've ever experienced in the Tri-Cities sans the sand.