29 June 2007

Trek to Ohio - Wall Drug

The biggest tourist trap of our trip was Wall Drug in Wall, SD. There were about a million signs for the store starting hundreds of miles outside the town. We found out later that this was because the owner's wife had the idea to post signs that they would provide free cold water for thirsty travelers during the Depression. In my opinion, this visit was a complete waste of time. Though I suppose it was a good diversion from the drive. And everyone but me got a chance to ride the gigantic mutant jackalope. Not really very much interesting things to say about this stop but here are the pictures anyway.

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Bill & Joan said...

Funny. Any diversion on a long drive is worth it. There's lots of "tourist traps" like that all over the country. Joan and I ran across one in Arkansas several years ago called Booger Hollow. The welcome sign reads: "Booger Hollow, Arkansas. Population 7, countin one coon dog." I don't know enough about html to create a link, but here's the url for an article about Booger Hollow. http://users.aristotle.net/~russjohn/attractions/booger.html