02 November 2009

France Reconnaissance Trip - Cherbourg Area Houses

These first set of pictures are of the house in Urville that we are currently living in. This is a house up on the hill in a beach town with a view of the Atlantic. It was built in 1965 and has four bedrooms with a living room and veranda. We will post more pictures later...

The second set of pictures are of the house of Gonneville which we thought we wanted before we came. We saw some pictures and thought that we had to have it. Unfortunately, parts of the house were pretty run down, it smelled really musty, is hard to heat in the winter and is very hot in the summer, was far away from work, had horrible schools, and was way out in the country. Pretty much the only thing going for it was that it was a traditional French manoir.
We were all a little bit disappointed at first but are all very glad now that we are living in Urville.

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