08 November 2009

San Francisco - Half Moon Bay

We found out at nearly the last minute that in order to get our visas and residence permits for France that we all had to present ourselves in San Francisco to get them. We had already planned to be in Phoenix to visit my brother and his wife and kids and were doing this several weeks before leaving for France. So we decided to just slip a trip to San Francisco to pick the visas up on the way home from there. It also just so happened that Nicole's mother was visiting her brother and her wife (Nicole's uncle and aunt) at the same time so we also took this opportunity to visit family there before leaving for France.

Nicole's uncle works at The Gap in San Francisco in the real estate department and creates statistical models used to predict where and when and how to develop stores and lives in Half Moon Bay. They live in a trailer park right next to the ocean and so the kids had a good time playing there with their grandmother and eachother. Later on that night we took a small drive down to the harbor/port.

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