22 November 2009

Place Saint-Michel

We had lunch at a charming little restaurant right next to the Fontaine Saint-Michel (St. Michael Fountain) at Place Saint-Michel.

The fountain was created by French sculptor Gabriel Davioud from 1855-1860 and represents Saint Michel, protector of France, slaying a dragon. According to Wikipedia, "Originally, the fountain's central statue was supposed to depict Napoleon Bonaparte, but the original conception came under criticism from opponents of Napoleon III; it was finally decided that the statue would be an image of Saint Michael, the Archangel (Saint Michel in French), with two dragons that spout water into the fountain and figures of the four classical Cardinal virtues."

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Sylvie said...

You seem to have all nicely settled in in France. I am glad that you seem to enjoy it and are taking advantage of your stay to visit all kind of cool places :-)
If you have not done so already, I recommend Rouen and Entretat/Fecamp...not too too far away from where you are and really neat.
I am happy to read that at least some "natives" where nice and friendly to you :)
How is the French coming?
I will be coming back to "spy" on your blog. I must say that it's fun to see your own country through the eyes of a foreigner.