08 November 2009

In Salem, Oregon with the Noels

While we were over in Portland visiting my sister and nephew we decided to go visit our good friends Derek and Emily Noel who were in Salem from Kentucky visiting their families at the same time. We lived with them for several weeks when we moved to and from Kentucky last year and we spent lots of time just hanging out and going to church with them.

Derek's uncle happens to be a world renowned horse riding trainer and they thought it would fun to surprise Rebekkah with some lessons from him. Rebekkah picked up a new hobby while in Kentucky and just loves to ride horses. It was a really fun idea and Rebekkah was extremely surprised and very excited to have this chance.

While we were in Salem the Noels also thought it would be a good idea to show us the Salem fair. So we went and saw some of the animals, ate some really greasy food, and the kids got to ride the fake bull.

These last pictures are of me and Micah climbing the rope into the man cave (aka the barn with a pool table, etc.) at Derek's parents' house. We had a really good time getting to know both Derek's and Emily's parents and we got to stay at Derek's parents house and see where he spent all his younger days playing.

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