01 November 2009

France Reconnaissance Trip - Paris

These are pictures of our (Nicole and I) first trip to France to pick out a house and schools for the kids. The first set of pictures are of our visit to Paris before going to the Cherbourg area.

Champs Elysées and Jardin des Tulleries

Incredible Hulk in FNAC on Champs Elysées

This place was just over the top. Exactly what you might expect from or of Napoleon. thing that looks like a chair or stool is his sarcophagus which is about 20 feet tall or so. It also had a neat little museum in several of the buildings which held all of the weaponry that Napoleon had collected throughout history. I highly recommend this place if you're ever going to visit Paris.

We just had to take a picture of the Berlitz in Paris since we took classes with Berlitz. We wanted to send it to one of our teachers who had spent almost his entire life trying to learn French and had never been to France.

We actually fell asleep for a tiny bit in The Louvre because we were so whiped out from the plane ride which we did not sleep on despite the sleeping stuff we took. The story behind the green sign is that we followed this sign for a while in the Louvre trying to get out but did not realize it was the emergency exit and not regular exit. We called him "The Running Man."

Nicole with Niké

These pictures are of me with Emperor Tiberius who I look exactly like in some of his statues.

The sign about the pickpockets was funny because the English is a literal translation of the French. So we joked about the fact that there was a family or group called "The Pickpockets" who one had to watch out for.
In the last picture, there were actually guards with machine guns that came by for a bit. They left as quickly as they appeared and we do not know why they were there.

This was a rose that we saw left on the way to the Eiffel Tower. The last photo is Charles de Gaulle airport.

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