22 November 2009

Rebekkah's Birthday Party

For Rebekkah's 13th birthday (yes...she is officially no longer a pre-teen) she invited over around 15 kids from her school and we had a good ole' American birthday party. They played all sorts of games like "Chubby-Bunny," Musical Chairs, Hide and Seek, and several others that I do not know the name to. I grilled hot dogs with chips and soda. There were all sorts of snacks like rice-crispie treats and cookies. And the kids went to the Cocci-Market to get some fireworks. The kids showed up around 6pm and left around 10:30pm. I think everyone had a great time. Here are the edited pictures and some videos.

video video video

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Andy said...

Who is the boy? Looks like it is talk time...